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Wijnand's Galactic Gazette, Issue #2 -- McQuarrie Drawings
November 02, 2009

High time for my 2nd edition!

I've been so busy with school, and my other new hobby (soccer! Won last saturday 2-3), that I neglected my Star Wars site. Sorry about that...

But I have some great new additions to share, so take a peak. Thanks for being on my list!!

See ya!


Ralph McQuarrie Drawings

Ralph McQuarrie Portfolio 9

When you talk about Star Wars Pictures, you talk about Ralph McQuarrie! After all, he visualized George Lucas's ideas for Star Wars. Here you can find more of his drawings:

Star Wars Portfolio Ralph McQuarrie (1983)
I've photographed my Star Wars Portfolio by Ralph McQuarrie, so you can check it out. It's a portfolio of the Star Wars Return of the Jedi movie, and holds 20 drawings.

Star Wars Trivial Pursuit - Bite Size

In a handy box, this Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game (called bite size, as the box looks like a pizza point) offers loads of questions that will stump even the greatest Star Wars fan!

How's that for a challenge? ;-)

Here's how the box looks:

Star Wars Trivial Pursuit Bite Size Box

More on Star Wars Trivial Pursuit

Nice new additions I think!

Thanks, and until next time...

May The Force Be With You!

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